Most of our students start with the Holistic Massage Diploma course, which includes anatomy, physiology and pathology, emergency first aid, advanced massage techniques (e.g. deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, postural assessment), and a starting out in business as a Massage Therapist day.

One of the questions we’re most asked is…what is the difference between and ITEC and MTI?

In case you don’t know, our Holistic Massage Diploma courses are accredited by two exam boards…ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) and MTI (Massage Training Institute). Why you may ask? Well because we like to give our massage students the choice of which exam they’d like to take. So the training all students do is at a level 4, but they choose whether to take the ITEC level 3 exam or the MTI level 4.

The exam structure for each is very different and some students prefer one and some students the other. And some even like the additional challenge of taking both exams.

The main differences between the two


Levels: In the educational system, qualifications are awarded a level of difficulty. The higher the number the more difficult they are. ITEC is a level 3 and MTI a level 4. So MTI has the more in depth syllabus and exam structure. Our training is at level 4 and regardless of which exam a student takes, they would have had the exact same training and would have the same skills and knowledge whether they choose to do an ITEC or MTI exam.

Practical exam structure: The ITEC practical exam is in a group setting where a small number of students take the exam at the same time in the same room with an examiner observing. It’s 45 minutes long and the students work on someone they bring with them.

The MTI practical exam is on a one-to-one basis. It’s 45 minutes and the student works on someone they don’t know and is observed by the examiner.

Theory/written exam structure: The ITEC theory exam is a 55-minute paper made up of 50 multiple choice questions on anatomy and physiology.

The MTI theory exam is a 3-hour paper that has diagrams of muscles and bones to label, 35 short answer questions, and 3 longer answer questions. For each of the longer questions students can choose between two questions to answer.


Which is the most recognised?


Both qualifications are well regarded and recognised in our industry. With either an ITEC or MTI certification our graduates are able to practise professionally as Massage Therapists.

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