Aromatherapy Diploma Course (IFA)

Train to be a fully qualified Aromatherapist

Are you passionate about essential oils?
Would you love to deepen and broaden your knowledge about aromatherapy?
Are you interested in an in depth course with expert teachers who keep up to date with latest developments?

Yes? This course is just for you.

Learn how to be an Aromatherapist who is ready to practise professionally.  You’ll have both the practical and theoretical skills and knowledge needed to formulate blends for your clients. You’ll be able to give aromatherapy treatments that are relevant and individual to the client’s needs. You’ll know how to use essential oils, massage and other methods of applying essential oils, as a way to positively enhance the client’s wellbeing.


Why do this course?

  • You’ll get a high level of aromatherapy training from expert tutors
  • When you qualify you’ll be able to get insurance to practise aromatherapy as a professional
  • This is a level 4/5 course so you’ll learn way more than on level 3 courses
  • You’ll get a high level of support with your learning
  • You’ll learn in a relaxed, supportive and fun atmosphere
  • Our students often say that the group is like a family
  • You’ll learn how to tailor your aromatherapy treatments to suit the client’s needs
  • You’ll benefit from a low student/tutor ratio
  • You get access to our Members Area where you’ll find videos, templates and info to help you learn
  • You’ll get a comprehensive course manual 
  • We provide massage tables, couch roll, bolsters, trolley and oils to use in class
  • Learn aromatherapy in London
  • Our venues are very close to tube and train stations
  • We help you with your body alignment, movement and posture so you’ll have longevity as a practitioner


Who accredits this course?

The diploma course is accredited by the IFA (international Federation of Aromatherapists). Our course registration number is 04/08/165. The IFA are global leaders in aromatherapy education. Founded in 1985 (Robert Tisserand was one of the founding members), they were the first established aromatherapy association in the world.


Check out what you’ll learn

  • Detailed profiles of over 65 essential oils including their therapeutic uses
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Other methods of applying essential oils
  • How essential oils are produced from plants
  • Essential oil science: chemistry of essential oils and how they work
  • Essential oil science: botany and essential oils
  • Blending: creating bespoke, therapeutic and synergistic blends that are individual to each client
  • Safety and contraindications: how to use and store essential oils safely and when not to use them at all
  • Fixed oils and other carrier, and their therapeutic uses
  • Distilled waters/hydrolates and their therapeutic uses
  • Consultations, treatment planning, aftercare and homecare advice
  • Clinic sessions: experience working with real clients
  • Common pathologies affecting the systems of the body
  • Principles and definitions of aromatherapy and essential oils
  • The art of smelling
  • Pregnancy and aromatherapy: when to use, when not to use, how to create blends that are appropriate and safe
  • Sustainability and essential oils
  • Making products like creams and lip balm for your own use
  • History of aromatherapy
  • Subtle aromatherapy: essential oils and the subtle body
  • Field trip to Kew Gardens


Do you already have a massage qualification?

If you already have a massage qualification you can enrol directly on to our Aromatherapy Diploma. Check out the buttons on the right side of this page if you’re on computer or the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile.


Are you complete beginner?

If you’re a beginner with no previous experience that’s fine too. We’ve got you covered with our Access course. It’s 10 days training and includes a 1-2-1 massage techniques tutorial, emergency first aid, anatomy/physiology/pathology, and starting out in business day. The massage tutorial can be scheduled before the Aromatherapy course starts, and the other nine days can either be completed before or concurrently with the Aromatherapy Diploma course. You can also contact us for more info.

You can if you prefer do the Holistic Massage Diploma first.


Who are the teachers?

Meet us: Doreen Uzice and Margaret Karlinski. Rest assured you’re in safe hands. We’re both experienced teachers and aromatherapists of many years. Doreen was a member of the IFA Council for 4 years. She was IFA Chair of Education for 3 years and together with Margaret, who teaches Essential Oil Science on this course, wrote and developed the IFA’s Aromatherapy syllabus. Doreen is also an examiner for IFA schools in the UK and overseas.

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The coursework and exam

The coursework is 60 Aromatherapy treatments, a short research assignment, an setting up in business assignment, reflective practice journal.
The exam is two written papers (one if you’ve got a massage qualification) and a practical exam.
On successful completion of the course and exam, you will be able to join the IFA as a full member. You’ll be able to add MIFA (Member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists) after your name. You can be added to the IFA register of aromatherapists for public referrals.

What else?

  • You’ll receive a high standard of training
  • You’ll get a comprehensive course manual
  • You’ll get access to our Members Area where you’ll find videos, templates and other info to enhance your learning
  • It’s fine if it’s been a while since you’ve studied
  • We start from the beginning and build up from there
  • Instalment plans are available to help you with the course fee
  • Massage tables, covers, couch roll, bolsters, trolley and oils are provided for classroom use
  • After you qualify we’re still happy to answer any questions that come up when you’re working as an Aromatherapist
  • We let you know about work opportunities that are sent to us by clinics, spas and massage agencies looking for Aromatherapists
  • We offer CPD workshops and other Diploma courses to help you further develop your skills
  • You can find answers to other questions on our FAQ page


“I enjoyed all aspects of the course and completing it was like ‘the icing on the cake’ as it has taken my massage therapy to a whole other level. My clients love the personal touch of having a blend specifically created for them.”

Janet O'Connell, qualified Aromatherapist and Holistic Massage Therapist


This course will be a blend of in person and online learning.

29 and 30 June
1 July (Kew gardens – Monday)
27 and 28 July
31 August and 1 September
28 and 29 September
26 and 27 October
16 and 17 November
11 and 12 January 2025
1 and 2 February
22 and 23 February
15 and 16 March

Investment: £2235
Including £400 enrolment fee

Additional fees:
Exam fee: to be confirmed based on numbers attending and not due until before the exam
IFA student membership valid for 2 years: £35 due at the start of the course

Venue: London venue will be confirmed soon



It’s possible to do some weekend dates and some weekday dates.

Anatomy, physiology and pathology (weekend online with 2 half days in person)
21 January 2024
10 March
6 April (half day)
27 April (half day)
28 April
19 May
23 June
21 July

Anatomy, physiology and pathology (weekdays online with 2 half days in person)
23 July 2024
25 July
30 July
1 August (half day)
2 August (half day)
1 October
4 October
8 October

First Aid (in person)
3 August 2024

Starting out in business (online)
4 August 2024

Massage techniques (in person)
Date to be arranged individually

Contact us for details

Investment: £1245

Venue: London venue TBC