Thai Foot Massage Diploma

What you’ll learn: a comprehensive range of foot and lower leg massage techniques based on the Wat Pho sequence…

  • ‘Dry’ techniques and mobilisations on the feet
  • Massage techniques with oil
  • Massage with a wooden stick
  • Pressure point massage with a wooden stick
  • Massage techniques on the lower leg and knee
  • Contraindications, indications, consultations and aftercare

How long is the course?

  • 1 day

About the coursework…

  • 10 one-hour case studies are required to complete the course.

Who is the course for?

  • Practising therapists who wish to expand their current skills and broaden their knowledge
  • Anyone who’d like to learn something different in order to practise on family and friends
  • Anyone with an interest in helping others

What’s included?

  • Course manual
  • Wooden stick
  • Equipment is provided for classroom use
  • Excellent level of support and guidance both during and after class sessions

What’s else?

  • You’ll receive a high level of training
  • You’ll know how to give a Thai Foot Massage treatment in its entirety as a separate treatment or integrate parts of it into your other massage treatments
  • Enhanced individual guidance, attention and personal feedback due to excellent student to teacher ratio
  • London location

“This massage is very powerful and the beneficial results are almost instantaneous. It also had a real impact on a my career as a therapist.”



1-2-1 tutorials are available for this course. Contact us for details.


Investment: £260

Venue: TBC