Teach The Teachers


How long is the course for ?

This is a dynamic 3-day course open to both qualified teachers, trainers and anyone thinking about running their own workshops and courses. All the principles can be easily applied to any subject area.

What you’ll learn?

You’ll learn ‘Accelerated Learning Principles’ and ‘Brain-friendly Techniques’ that you’ll be able to apply immediately to your own teaching and training. It will enhance your learners’ experience, making their learning even more memorable.  

Final word

The WOW is a factor in Quantum Metta training, and is modelled to help facilitate your learning. This is a fun, informative, inter-active workshop. A must for anyone interested in how learners learn best and what we as teachers and trainers can do to facilitate this. You’ll get lots of opportunities to apply the techniques and get feedback on your teaching in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Next course dates

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