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Indian Head Massage Introductory Course

How long is the course?

A 2-day course for: Individuals with an interest in Indian Head Massage who may attend the practical part of the course and learn techniques to practise on family and friends.

For non-practitioners: You will learn some practical techniques to practise on family and friends.

What you’ll learn on the course:

  • Massage of the Upper Back, Neck, Upper Arms, Head, Face Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Pressure Points, Stretches, Mobilisations
  • Energy Holds
  • Chakra Balancing, all Chakras plus alta-major
  • Use of good posture, body weight and breathwork
  • Consultations
  • Client Care
  • After-care
  • Use of oils for the Head/Scalp
  • History of IHM
  • Benefits of IHM.
  • Contra-indications of IHM
  • Review Relevant Anatomy and Physiology
  • Common Relevant Pathologies/Conditions

Who is the course for?

  • Practising therapists of any discipline who wish to expand their therapy base and broaden their knowledge
  • Anyone interested in an easily portable therapy
  • Anyone wanting seated, clothed massage techniques for the upper back, neck, head and face
  • Anyone interested in learning about working with chakras

What else?

Certificates of attendance will be given to those studying the practical aspects only – either for interest or for CPD purposes.


1/2 February 2020

Investment: £240

Venue: Old Diorama Arts Centre
Regents Place, 201 Drummond Street, NW1 3FE