Lazy person’s yoga!

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art practised in the temples of Thailand and preserved through the oral tradition, since the 3rd century BC. It is a unique form of bodywork combining acupressure massage with the beautiful stretches of yoga. It is a very comprehensive and rejuvenating form of bodywork, which can be both deeply relaxing and highly energising.

Ultimately, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage aims to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and to restore balance, where imbalances exist by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The practitioner uses their hands, feet, forearms, elbows, and knees to apply pressure along energy channels known as Sen lines. The receiver is pressed, rocked and stretched in order to release blockages and stimulate the free flow of energy, leading to health, balance, centredness and well-being.

It is well known that Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is as beneficial to give as to receive and in line with its Buddhist roots is regarded as the physical application of ‘metta’, which means ‘loving kindness’.