Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Historically many plants have been used medicinally: herbal extracts from plants and the essence of plants. It is these essences which are the aromatic part of certain plants that are used and called essential oils. Essential oils can be extracted using a number of methods, the most widely used of which is distillation. They can be extracted from flowers, leaves, berries, grasses, roots, wood, fruits, seeds and bark, and are effective in helping to enhance the individual’s state of health and wellbeing. For example, some are known for their antiseptic qualities and others for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Often touch plays a part in aromatherapy, and when aromatherapy and massage are combined therein lies a powerful tool for healing. Essential oils can also be used in diffusers, compresses, aromatic baths, footbaths, steam inhalations, creams and ointments.

As a holistic therapy, Aromatherapy aims to improve the physical health of the individual, improve the state of mind and emotional self, as well as acknowledging the more subtle part of the person that is the spirit.