Deep Tissue Massage Legs, Arms and Chest

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques for the arms, legs and chest

What you’ll learn on this course?

  • Application of massage techniques on legs, arms and chest
  • Client positioning: prone, supine and side-lying
  • Time to practise each ‘new’ technique
  • There’ll also be an open forum at the end of the day where you can ask any questions related to these techniques, or any other techniques

This workshop will give you the confidence and skills to use deeper techniques on the upper and lower limbs, and chest and is taught by Tatina Semprini

Suitable for massage therapists – particularly those working with clients who stand a lot, or treat dancers, runners, cyclists, rowers and keen ‘exercisers’, as well any clients with RSI, or who have asthma/breathing difficulties.


New dates will be uploaded soon

Investment: £100

Venue: TBC